Packaging your natural beauty brand without the overwhelm

Getting retail ready


Are you developing your own natural skincare or fragrance brand?

Are you excited about the incredible formulations you have poured your energy, passion and savings into crafting? Are you nearly ready to do this thing? 

Then all you need to do now is package it.
Should be simple, right?  

It really should be, but this is sometimes the hardest part. If you have already started trying to work through this yourself, you will know. There are so many questions and so much to find out.   

Where do you start with branding? How do you brief a designer for the best result? What board weight should you use? What finish? What about the legal stuff? Allergens, INCI lists, making claims, weight declaration…? What about batch codes and barcodes…? The list goes on.

Overwhelm. I totally get it!
All you want is some beautiful packaging for your new brand. You hadn’t expected all of this.

 Don’t panic

These are the same questions that come up for everyone going through this journey and I am here to guide you.

You don’t need to spend massive amounts of time and money on expensive mistakes. You don’t need to learn a whole new language. You don’t have to invest in massive volumes. You can be innovative and unique.

 Let me show you how.

Rebecca McKnight

Rebecca McKnight

The Product Creation Guru

Mentor and guide for UK and EU natural beauty brands.

Helping you to create retail ready product and packaging from concept to shelf.

My passion is natural beauty, aromatherapy and wellbeing.

 … and I just love helping people who are brave enough to follow their dreams.

YOUR dreams.


“I just love helping people who are brave enough to follow their dreams…

YOUR dreams”


A Product Development Consultant for multiple high street brands with a huge amount of knowledge to share with you. Experienced in creating retail ready product and packaging, including for start ups. Her passion is in natural beauty, aromatherapy and wellbeing.

 As an ex Retail Buyer Rebecca knows exactly what customers and buyers are looking for. As a professional product developer she knows all the tricks and legal stuff to get you there. As a qualified aromatherapist she understands essential oil safety, scent blending and which to use for different benefits. 

Trained in design, she has an eye for colour and layout. Coupled with nailing the right tone of voice, Rebecca can help you truly target your niche.

Specialising in the UK and EU markets, there are some great resources, tips and support in her free private Facebook community “Packaging Your Natural Beauty Brand


  • Find your niche
  • Create your vision
  • Names and claims
  • Find the best containers to suit your brand
  • How to get the best from a Designer
  • Working with essential oils
  • INCI lists and allergens
  • Hacks to avoid huge minimums
  • Choosing a printer and speaking their language
  • What you need to do to be legal
  • EU/UK specific
  • Barcodes, batch codes and symbols
  • What type of labels
  • Testing, safety assessments and Cosmetic Portal registration
  • Pro tips

I’m a sucker for beautiful packaging. It is the very first thing to speak to your customer.


I regularly consult for well known high street brands. This year I have followed my passion to also support individuals setting up their own brands in a way that is affordable and viable for us both.

My focus is on natural cosmetics and aromatherapy brands within the UK and EU.

Free Resources:

Facebook group: If your natural cosmetics brand is in the EU or UK you will find lots of free resources inside my private group.

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Masterclasses: Choose whatever you need to know at the stage you need it. Each masterclass will include templates, guidance, checklists, pro tips and examples in straightforward language.

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1 to 1 focus on your business:

Power Hour: If you need a focused 1 to 1 power hour to ask questions tailored to your brand, I have a few sessions per month available.

Mentoring: 5 individually tailored sessions taken over 6 months.
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